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BB@Home. Something for our older BB/GB members.

Study a new subject, gain extra online qualifications, register for online courses.

Some great opportunities below and something for everyone.


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VE Day Badge activity for all Company members:

The Boys' Brigade UK have released a commemorative badge that the Boys could earn for a one off activity or task. These badges will be quite rare and only available during this session. Those who complete one of the following tasks below; will  be awarded their badge during the new session along with any others they have gained during the 2019-20 session. This badge is open to all 13th BB member age groups


Badge Tasks Ideas:

1)    Draw a picture/painting or collage to mark the VE Day.
2)    Write a poem or prayer.
3)    Find out about someone who served in the war and write a biography about them.
4)    Create a presentation to show the timeline leading to VE Day.
5)    Design or make your own VE Day commemorative badge or war memorial.

If you have your own idea for something that you would like to do instead, please go ahead. 
                             All entries should be returned by Monday 13th July 2020.

    Brigades' Bake-Off Video    

  Week 5 Challenge Video