Below you will be able to see the very latest Covid -19 guidelines as our Boys' Brigade Company returns to face to face activities.

You can also monitor the Boys' Brigades' National updates by clicking on the following link:  


21st December  Covid-19 Update:

Following the announcements over the weekend we have updated our guidance to BB Companies.

With immediate effect any Company that falls into a Tier 4 area or above, will not be able to meet in any face-to-face setting indoors or outdoors and should engage with children and young people via Virtual Sessions and by utilising the #BB@HOME resources

The latest operating guidance for England can be found at and the detailed Guidance Framework can be found at

I appreciate that this is disappointing news, however, I'm sure you will recognise that this is the responsible approach to take due to the difficult circumstances the country is experiencing and is in line with the National Youth Agency guidance. We will keep the position under review and communicate any changes to our Guidance Framework in due course. This is a challenging time for us all. Thank you once again for everything that you are doing, and for all the additional work that is going into supporting young people and their families at this difficult time.  

Jonathan Eales
Chief Executive

It is most important that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms MUST NOT attend any face-to-face activities and should follow government guidelines on self-isolation and testing.

Arrival and Departure arrangements:

  • Group bubble sizes are capped at 15 plus staff. Having more than this number of boys registered this necessitates we meet in two separate halls. 

  • Arrival for the Moffatt Hall will be via the side door (The Fire Exit) to allow easy access to wash hands on arrival and the collection point will be the Moffatt Hall (Front Door) as usual.

  • Arrival and collection for the Vernon Hall will be via the front door only, also allowing for hand washing on arrival.

  • All members and staff will have their temperatures taken via infrared non-contact thermometers.

  • Our guidance requires all staff and members aged 11+ to wear a face covering throughout indoor events. Members are welcome to bring their own. We have purchased visors for each member if they prefer. These will have their initials on and kept onsite for future use.

  • All parents are required to remain with the boys until we have completed their temperature checks and registration.

  • Parents are politely asked to respect social distancing when arriving and collecting.

  • Parents are requested to please observe the arrival times and particularly the departure times. As late pick-ups will have an adverse effect on our ability to ensure proper Covid cleaning of the halls, before other groups are able to use our premises on the same evening.               


Hand sanitisation, hygiene, personal protective equipment:

  • All members will be required to wash hands on arrival. New warm water taps have been installed at the Temple.

  • Regular hand washing will be encouraged. Hand sanitiser will be available in various locations.

  • We will not be able to provide the usual refreshment break mid-session. If water is required, please bring it in a labelled bottle, for personnel use only


Social distancing and other measures:

  • Group bubbles have been created to reduce the group sizes.

  • Staff have met and planned activities to take social distancing of young people into account.

  • Staff have been made aware of the extra cleaning responsibilities that need to be undertaken before and after sessions meet. They have been thanked in advance for their continued support during this time.

  • Should a child feel or become ill during the evening we have set aside a dedicated room for this purpose. Parents will be contacted to collect should this be necessary.

  • f you haven't already done so please return your son/s Annual Consent Form straightaway.

  • Finally, we are required to keep a register of those attending face-to-face BB activities in order to comply with Government ‘Track and Trace’ requirements.                                  

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