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  Judged Captions - Definitions - Scoring  

​  1)  The Contest is open to all Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Amicus, District or Battalion Bands plus any combined Boys’ and Associated Girl Units, including performers being members of an organisation in the same church/s and resident in the British Isles. Bands and Performers may only participate once during the Championships.


​  2)  Any number of players up to 25 years of age and a maximum of 8 members over the age of 25 will be permitted. The age shall be taken as at the day of the Championships, which now includes Drum Majors who will be regarded as participating members.


​  3)  There will be no inspection. All Bands/Corps will however present themselves creditably wearing their own Band Activity Dress, or alternatively correct BB/GB uniform as per the Brigade’s current regulations, regardless of the Class entered.


​  4)  No performance must incorporate gestures or other unseemly acts which might bring the good name of the Brigades and the Championships into disrepute. Contestants must follow the Code of Conduct as laid down by the BYBA, TYMBA and DCUK Associations.


​  5)  Band/Corps will be required to be ready ten (10) minutes before their performance and should report to the Band Controller at the entry point to the arena. Failure to report at the allocated time may result in penalty points being incurred if in the opinion of the Event Referee an advantage has been obtained over other competing units.



The Maximum time allowed entering and leaving the Performance Arena in the Cadet/Novice Class is 12 minutes, with a Minimum Performance Time of 5 minutes.  


The Maximum time allowed entering and leaving the Performance Arena in the Contest Class is 14 minutes, with a Minimum Performance Time of 6 minutes.


The Maximum time allowed entering and leaving the Performance Arena in the Championship Class is 18 minutes with a Minimum Performance Time of 7 minutes.  


Maximum timings are calculated from the first performer entering the performance arena until till the last performer exits. This including any warm up, placing equipment on the performance arena and removing the equipment after your performance.  The maximum total time on the field does not include the period that judges may need to prepare and does not include the setting up of pit equipment, which can commence as soon as the previous unit has left the arena..



Once the Band/Corps has taken up its starting position the Judges Co-ordinator will acknowledge that the Judges are ready and the Announcer will ask “Are the Judges ready”.  The Announcer will then ask the Drum Major or Leading Musician:  “Is Your Band/Corps Ready” They will then signal readiness by giving a salute facing the Chief Guests.

Once the required response has been received the Announcer will then say “The Name of the Band/Corps: You May Commence Your Performance Now"


The Band/Corps then has 10 seconds to start its performance. Failure to do so will result in the Time Keepers starting their watches as the commencement of the Minimum Performance Time.


The Judged Minimum Performance timing will commence on the first note or drum beat after the salute unless the 10 second rule has been applied.


The Drum Major or leading Musician will clearly indicate by saluting at the end of the judged performance and the Minimum Performance time will finish.

  8)  All Bands should leave the Arena after their performance to a drum beat or drum rhythm.

  9)  Each Bands’ performance must consist of an arena display, which includes figure marching and music of your own choice.

10) The Championship Referee in consolation with the Judges reserves the right to re-classify Bands/Corps if thought desirable. Previous year's winners of the Novice and Contest classes will be invited to move up a “Class”. Dependent upon entries the Committee may re-define certain units by instrumentation which could be judged independently.

11)  Each Band/Corps will be under the sole control of the Drum Major or Lead Musician from entry into the marshalling area until exiting the arena at the completion of their performance. They in turn, will take their instructions from the officials responsible.

12)  In conjunction with Drum Corps International, European and UK Marching Band Organisations, units in the Showcase/Drum Corps Classes will be allowed the option to use Electronic and Amplification Equipment. If used they should refer to the Amplification Guidelines. 

13) As the Championships are now held in-doors, regrettably no official provision for “Band Rehearsals” can be guaranteed. The use of the outdoor areas for rehearsals will be on a first come first served basis and will have to be agreed with the Showcase Administrator, in consolation with the Stadium Management on the morning of the Championships..

14) Air Horn or whistles use by members of the audience will Not Be Permitted whilst bands are performing.

15) All competing Bands/Corps will be invited to participate in the “Olympic Review” and “Awards Presentation” following the conclusion of the Competition.

16) A Critique with the Judges will be available after the “Awards Presentation” for members of each Band/Corps Staff. A system based on a competition bands travelling distance will be implemented to enable all bands to participate in the Critique, if desired. We would recommend that you take advantage of this facility as it can prove to be a very useful way of developing your own Bands performance.

  The Brigades’ British Showcase Marching Band Championships - Rules  
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