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The Brigades’ Showcase 2022  -  Announcement

Dear Brigade Colleagues

I am sure it will not come as a complete surprise to you that the Brigades' Showcase Committee have very reluctantly reached the inevitable conclusion that our special 45th Anniversary Championships, scheduled for Saturday 11th June 2022, will not be able to take place this year.  Regrettably with the small numbers that have responded positively, the Committee feel it would be virtually impossible to hold a viable Marching Band Championship in 2022. We have looked at various alternatives and unfortunately made the decision that if we tried to hold any form of Championship, it would be poorly supported and from a financial perspective, seriously jeopardise our ability to hold future Brigade marching band championships.  From the report’s received a large number of Brigade bands are still suffering from loss of membership due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some are still active, but many are not in a position to participate this year. We clearly hope in another fifteen month’s we can return to some form of normality and get back to the great activity our young people enjoy.               
Whilst looking at various alternatives we have had discussions with both the British Youth Band Association “BYBA” and Drum Corps UK “DCUK” who have been very supportive and aware of our position. Both independent organisation would welcome any Brigade band that would like to participate in any of their contests this year. We would recommend that you give them thoughtful consideration as alternatives to our Showcase and as a means to retain and increase your own membership this session. Contest dates can be found on both the BYBA and DCUK websites, alternatively if you would like a representative to contact you, we can always help in that regard and put you in touch.
We are  really sad to have to make this decision after missing the last two years and sincerely hope we can get things back together again for 2023. For those who like to plan ahead 
we are looking to hold the next Showcase on Saturday 3rd June 2023.    

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For additional information please follow the links or email: info@showcasemarchingbands.co.uk