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The Brigades’ Showcase 2021

Brigade Colleagues

I am sure it will not come as a complete surprise to you that the Brigades' Showcase Committee have very reluctantly reached the inevitable conclusion that our special 45th Anniversary Championships, scheduled for Saturday 5th June 2021, will not be able to take place again this year.  We cannot hold a viable and safe Event with the continuing uncertainty of how long the Covid-19 virus restrictions will continue. Under the current circumstances, our plans and preparations for this year's British Championships have been put on hold once more. Clearly your rehearsal time and ability to prepare a viable performance is being disrupted and the current outlook from the UK Government doesn’t bode well either as it seems many of the Tier restrictions will likely remain for a number of weeks or even months. The Committee realise this will be a huge disappointment to many, as it is us for us, but we have to follow the UK Government and Brigades’ guidelines during these unprecedented times.    

This coming session will, by necessity, be different to say the least, but we would like to provide an alternative performance opportunity for all our music assemblies and marching bands during the summer of 2021. The Committee are proposing to organise a virtual “Brigades’ International Showcase@Home”. We would like to invite all of our Brigades’ music groups and ensembles, across the UK and Internationally to participate in this new venture in the hope that it will stimulate and encourage your members for the future and particularly whilst the current pandemic is restricting all other music performance opportunities. Once we are able to restart face to face activities we would encourage you to “Strike-up-the-Band“ and send us your video files of what your music group can put together in 2021. The aim will be to showcase what we can achieve in our own secure locations. Performances should ideally be around 2 minutes long but no longer than 3 minutes and could include: Percussion Groups, Brass & Wind Assemblies, Mini Bands/Corps, Electronic Instruments, even Strings and Guitars if you have them. Participants can enter as many different categories as they wish.  


Performances videos should be recorded by units in their own secure meeting space and submitted electronically via a link to a file sharing service (Dropbox, OneDrive etc.) and then shared to Ray Westbrook - Showcase Co-ordinator: info@showcasemarchingbands.co.uk  by Saturday 3rd July 2021. Please note all videos submitted, will be your authority that we have your permission to show them on our social media sites. 

  • https://www.facebook.com/showcasemar
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For additional information please follow the links or email: info@showcasemarchingbands.co.uk