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The Brigades’ Showcase 2021

The Showcase Committee are already making plans for our very special 45th Anniversary Championship whilst still carefully monitoring the Covid 19 situation. It was with great regret that we had to cancel the 2020 Championships and we know this was a great disappointment to many. We have already been in contact with Stoke City Council who are looking forward to being able to host our Championships on Saturday the 5th June 2021, having refurbished the Northwood Stadium Indoor Arena roof, during the intervening months.


We would request all bands wishing to compete at the 2021 Championships submit a new application form, even though many will have paid deposits for last year, which as agreed will be carried forward to our 2021 Championships. The new Showcase 2021 Application Form is now available to download and should be returned no later than Saturday 27th February 2021. We appreciate there is still some uncertainty regarding bands being able to return to full rehearsals however, we are already looking at contingency arrangements and it would help considerably if applications are submitted as soon as practicable, subsequently enabling you and the Committee to plan accordingly.

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The Brigades’ British Showcase Marching Band Championships

are now complete for 2019 and all of the Media pictures are available, plus the Results Summary.

Make a date for our very special 45th Anniversary Championships on Saturday 5th June 2021 


For additional information please follow the links or email: info@showcasemarchingbands.co.uk

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