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Following the recent update of The Pacemakers Logo we have produced some New Merchandise 

As part of our drive to renew the Corps' branding we are buying new polo shirts with the new Pacemakers Logo for our members. Donations and contributions have been collected over the last few months to help us cover the costs but we are still a few pounds short. To raise the final money needed we will be selling a range of key-rings/fobs for £1:00 each.

These items will be available to buy at practices and most band events. Please get in touch with staff or members if you would like to help us reach our funding goal and purchase one!

All Merchandise orders should be placed with the  Band Secretary; Lynne.
 Pacemakers T-Shirt: £9:00
 Pacemakers Soft Shell Jacket: £35:00
 Pacemakers Ski Hat - 
Beanie: £8:00
 Pacemakers Vest Top: £10:00
 Pacemakers Polo Shirt: £10:00
 Pacemakers Short Sleeve Shirt: £16:00      
 Pacemakers Base Ball
Cap: £9:50 
 Pacemakers Coffee Cup: £5:00 
 Pacemakers Zip Fleece: £20:00
 Pacemakers Delux Half Zip Fleece: £20:00      
 Pacemakers Full Zip Delux Hoody:  £38:00  
 Pacemakers Refrigerator
Magnet: £4:00 
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